HuggingFace have made a huge impact on Natural Language Processing domain by making lots of Transformers models available online. One problem I faced during my MLOPS process is to deploy one of those HuggingFace models for sentiment analysis. In this post, I will shortly summarize what I did to deploy a HuggingFace model using Docker and Flask.

I assume the reader has a basic knowledge about Docker, TensorFlow, Transformers, Flask and PyTorch libraries. The source code can be found at my github repo.

Required libraries: Flask, transformers, TensorFlow. (pip or conda as you wish, I used pip). If you are…

It is difficult for us to learn from other people’s experience. But, What about computers? TensorFlow makes it easy is for everybody.

As I stated above, it would be wonderful for us, human beings, to learn other people’s experiences. However it is not that much easy for us ( at least for me :) ). On the other hand in DL it is a very easy and a “must have tool” in analyst’s backpack. By transfer learning our model’s accuracy can go thru the roof. The reasons are:

The transferred model learned very important features:
— on a very huge…

A different way of making surveys using word encoders…

One miracle of the Machine Learning studies in the area of Natural Language Processing, for sure, is word embeddings. But, the question is how to make use of it?

Last week I took TensorFlow Developer Exam and afterwards I have started to work on a new Natural Language Processing Project which, in fact, I have been waiting for completing the exam to start. Without going too much detail, and assuming the reader has a certain level of knowledge about Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning terms such as tokens, sequences, word embeddings, similarity etc., I will go directly to the…

Understand the concept in different scenarios

In this blog I will try to clarify precision, recall, and threshold concepts in classification problems. I will present different scenarios to show the importance of precision/recall, and weakness of accuracy at some cases. I also aim to provide some insight into how threshold can affect the models performance and effectiveness. I assume the reader has some knowledge about the subject and will not start from the ground-zero. I will try to visualize the concept, provide a well-demonstrated example, show way to improve the effectiveness of model and present the formulation and try to keep these simple.

It is important…

ismail aslan

MS in Applied Statistics

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